Salmon Fishing East Haugh River Tummel Scotland


  Salmon fishing on the East Haugh beat on the river Tummel, Pitlochry, Perthshire  



Poltreigh, generally a slow flowing pool with the main current close to the right hand bank. In low to medium water conditions, 0 to 2 feet above low summer level, the fish lie towards this bank. As water levels rise the fish tend to move towards the left bank and they can be fished for up to about 5 feet above summer level, provided that the water is reasonably clean. It is very unusual for the River Tummel to be too dirty for fly fishing for salmon to be impractical, even at water levels 5 feet above summer level. There are good lies all the way down the pool with several particularly good lies opposite the lowest croy, on the right bank where rocks were introduced several years ago.  This pool is very good for fly-fishing even when low, the best fishing being from the left bank, however, because the salmon generally lie quite tight to the right bank it is well worth fishing from this side as well. Being a slow deep pool makes Poltreigh particularly suited to fishing very early in the season. This pool is good for trout fly fishing in mid summer when both sea trout and brown trout may be caught on small salmon flies and normal sized trout flies.


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